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Nuway Tuftiguard has the durability, strength and structural integrity to deliver excellent performance and appearance retention in very heavy traffic locations and where high levels of soil have to be removed from the soles of shoes and wheeltreads. 

Each Tuftiguard mat is assembled of aluminium (100% recycled), brass or PVC scraper bars, and buffed or unbuffed prime rubber and polyamide fibre composite wiper strips. The wiper strips and scraper bars are assembled in an open or closed construction with high tensile electro galvanised steel wire linkages running through the components to give the mat its structural integrity and superior load bearing capacity. 


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Available wiper strips

and scrape bars

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Single wiper strip


Standard Tuftiguard mats incorporating aluminium and PVC scraper bars are available in 12mm and 17mm heights to suit the size of the matwell. Mats incorporating brass scraper bars are available in 17mm height only.


Double wiper strip

Wiper strips

Tuftiguard wiper strips can be specified in both single and double format. Double format offers twice the wiping area to increase moisture absorption over a shorter distance and enables more colour to be used to reflect the interior colour scheme.



Closed construction

Closed Construction

A Closed construction is suitable for both interior and transitional areas. Soil removed from shoes and wheel treads is collected within the mat itself. The gapless nature of the closed construction allows for maximum use of coloured wiper strips to complement interior design schemes.


Open Construction

Open Construction

An open construction provides more storage capacity for wet and dry soil and is therefore particularly suitable for external use. Removed particles and moisture can fall through the open sections in the mat to be collected in the matwell.



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