A good quality entrance matting system incorporating a Coral clean-off zone provides a very effective way to reduce costs of cleaning, repair and maintenance. By stopping up to 94% of walked in dirt and moisture Forbo Coral can reduce cleaning costs by up to 65% and prolong the life of interior floor finishes and coverings. We offer a Coral solution for every application and area in various colours and designs. 

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    Coral classic
    Coral brush blend  

Coral Classic

The ultimate moisture absorber


Walking just two steps is enough for Coral Classic to absorb up to half the water that would otherwise be carried inside on the soles of someone's shoes.


    Coral brush pure
    Coral Duo
    Coral Logo
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Coral Brush Blend

Functionality with great looks as well


Coral Brush blend's three yarns not only clean and absorb, they hide dirt too, ensuring your entrance looks clean for longer.



Coral Brush Pure

Solid performer that fits in anywhere


Coral Brush pure is made of three yarns: capillary yarns to absorb moisture; active dirt-scraping yarns; and heavy duty texture yarns that can withstand the heaviest pounding.




Coral Duo

Best worker for every space


Coral Duo combines our coral Brush pure and Coral Classic technologies, reinforced with alternating strips of strong, thick yarns with additional dirt-scraping properties.



Coral Logo

Great looks that last


Coral Logo is produced with high quality mat yarns that prevent tracking and soiling, And depending on the colours and design of your corporate identity, you can choose between a printed mat or one with an insert logo.




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